Fun on the Farm

I saw one of the pictures in this post tonight when I was looking for something else last night and just couldn’t get it out of my mind today. You know what that means? It means that I had to blog about it.

Loading Corn, Work on the Farm, Farm work, Corn harvestHere we have a picture of my dad, his sister and one of his brothers. They are busy shoveling corn, but not to busy to take a break and pose for a picture.

It looks a bit cold as they are all bundled up. I am wondering if my aunt is just posing for the picture. Surely she wasn’t shoveling corn while wearing a dress and the light shoes that she had on. My dad and uncle are dressed properly for work with jeans, gloves and work shoes.

My dad looks a lot like my youngest brother in this picture.

Farm Scene, The Secret of the Cave, Arthur S. Maxwell, Harvest Time, SiblingsHere are the three of them again. Obviously from a few years earlier as they are all younger and the picture is black and white. They are posing in front of a field that is ready for harvest.

What intrigues me about this picture is that my dad is holding a book. He knows how to relax when he has a break from work.

Of course, I had to check out the title of the book and find out more about it. The book is The Secret of the Cave by Arthur S. Maxwell. The book was written in 1920 and was made into a movie in 2006.

I will have to acquire a copy to read. My local library system does not have a copy, but it is available through interlibrary loan. I have added it to my reading list.

Cow Riding, Fun on the Farm, 1950's Farm SceneNow for the picture that has been stuck in my mind all day.

I am wondering why my dad is riding a cow. Is he wishing it was a horse?

I will have to check with him next time I call him.

The picture is also interesting as it looks like it has a ghost image from another picture in the background.

These pictures bring back good memories of visiting farms and also the time when I worked as a cowboy.

Would you ride a cow?


Smoky Weed

I learned today that a large wild fire has destroyed part of a town where my grandparents used to live in Northern California.

Weed California, Google Maps, Forest Fire, Town Destroyed, Mount Shasta

Google Maps

Weed, California is at the base of Mt. Shasta and is not too far south of the Oregon border.

The Boles Fire has destroyed more than 150 structures in Weed and as of this evening has burnt almost 500 acres and is threating even more homes.

The fire is bringing back memories of visiting my grandparents when they lived there.

Weed Church of Christ and Parsonage, Weed California, Google Street, Mt. Shasta

From Google Maps

Here is where my grandparents lived in Weed. My Grandpa preached at the Weed Church of Christ which is to the right in the picture. They lived in the parsonage which is on the left. In the background you can see Mt. Shasta above the trees.

I went hunting for pictures, but couldn’t find a picture of the house and church, so this is from Google Maps.

I did however find some other pictures that brought back some good memories.

Shasta City Park, Family Picnic, Grandparents, BBQHere is a picture of my grandparents cooking on a grill when we had a picnic at a park in nearby Shasta City.

Stacking Wood, Weed California, Chores, Helping GrandpaHere I am with my brother helping my Grandpa stack wood in the back yard. Although it was early summer he was getting a good start on his winter supply. I helped chop a lot of wood on the trip as I put my scouting skills to work.

Mt. Shasta, Weed California, Black and White Landscape, Photography ClassMy Grandfather had been taking a photography course and here is one of the black and white pictures that he took from their backyard. You can see Mt. Shast looming in the background. This is also a good example of the terrain in the area. You see both forest and brush land that is very dry in the summer.

Mt. Shasta, Weed California, Boles Fire, Wildfire, Cloud over mountainHere is another view of Mt. Shasta in the winter time covered with snow. I can imagine that today there was a cloud of smoke above Mt. Shasta from the Boles Fire.

Most of the residents of Weed had to evacuate at one time or another.

I have friends who had to evacuate their home last year because of the Rim Fire near Yosemite. My friends spent several anxious days away from home waiting for news before they could return.

Keep the residents of Weed in your prayers as they recover from the forest fire or anxiously wait to return to their homes.

The church and parsonage where my grandparents lived is in a remote part of town and has not been affected.

The church is part of a group that has set up a website where you can find out more information and also help out. Click on: Weed Fire Community Recovery Hub