The Costume

I need a costume for work tomorrow, so decided to go for something minimal.

I decided to dress up as one of my favorite TV personalities.

Mark Hall-Patton, Pawn Stars, Halloween Costume, Red Shirt, Black Hat, Clark County MuseumOne of my favorite shows on the History Channel is Pawn Stars. However, my favorite people on the show are not the pawn brokers, but the experts that they bring in to talk about items. Of course I like Rebecca as she is the book expert. I also really like Mark Hall-Patton, who is the administrator of the Clark County Museum in Las Vegas.

I like Mark because he always has great historic facts to share about the items that he looks at on the show. He likes to research things and has a large library to draw information from. One of the things that we have in common.

Red Shirts, Mark Hall-Patton Costume, Pawn Stars, HalloweenI just needed to pick out a red shirt, as it is the color of shirt that he wears when he appears on Pawn Stars. No problem, I have several red shirts.

Flat Rim Hat, Black Hat, Mark Hall-Patton, Pawn Stars, Halloween CostumeThe next item was a bit hard to find, and I didn’t even find exactly what I wanted. I needed to find a black flat brim hat. I looked at several places over a couple days and could not find what I was looking for. I finally settled for a very low quality Three Musketeers hat from a Halloween costume shop.

Unfortunately it is not in the best shape and the brim is all crooked, but it was all I could find. I had to remove a feather and a couple other items off of the hat, but at least I have something.

Beard, Halloween Costume, Mark Hall-Patton, Pawn StarsI also needed a beard. No problem, I have that covered. It is a bit more white is some areas, but it will work. A few years ago, my beard had almost the same pattern, but the color is slowly disappearing on the sides.

Mark Hall-Patton Costume, Halloween Costume, Pawn Stars, The Beard of KnowledgeSo now for the selfie. I took this with fluorescent lighting so the shirt is washed out a bit. It is actually more red than what shows here. You can also see that the hat brim is a bit wobbly, but the idea is there.

Maybe I will get a better picture tomorrow.

I am also thinking that I really need to find a nice hat for future use. I just need to figure out where to get one. Maybe a Western Wear store.

Did you put together a Halloween costume this year?


A Colorful Walk

On Sunday I shared some pictures from my six mile walk in Mossy Posts.

Tonight I will share some more colorful pictures from the walk on Big Creek Trail.

Dew on Leaves, Tuolumne county, Pine Mountain LakeI really like the dew on these leaves. Even though it was the afternoon there was still dew in secluded places. There had been a lot of rain on Saturday so there was a lot of moisture in the air. I hope that this is a harbinger of a wet winter.

I always like to see dew beads on leaves or petals. This reminds me of my post Water Droplets.

Red Leaves, Tuolumne county, California, Pine Mountain Lake, ForestThe woods were fairly thick at times and you would get shafts of light that would highlight just a small area. I think that this group of leaves is very pretty with the sun back lighting them.

Orange Leaves, Big Creek Trail, Tuolumne Woods, Creek Bed, Colorful LeavesI really like this picture with the leaves that are slowly changing color from green to orange. In the background you can see Big Creek. The trail that we were following is know as Big Creek Trail and it follows the route of the abandoned Hetch Hetchy Railroad.

Manzanita, Red Bark, ArctostaphylosHere the sun is lighting up part of a manzanita bush. I really like the red branches of the manzanita and how the bark curls up. They can be really pretty, especially if the sun is shining on them. The manzanita is from the genus Arctostaphylos. Colorful Leaf, Backlit Leaf, Multi-Color Leaf, Foothills, Fall ColorI have saved one of my favorite pictures for last. I really like the pattern of this leaf as it is turning color. The residual green and yellow in the middle and the intricate veins are intriguing. It was so beautiful hanging alone in the sunlight.

I hope you enjoyed a few glimpses of my walk in the woods.