Scary Cakes

Last month I wrote a post about Orange S’Cream Twinkies and mentioned that it would be the first of several posts about scary products for Halloween.

Here is another one.

Hostes Scary Cakes, Cupcakes, Halloween Cupcakes, Snack CakesWhile shopping at Wal-Mart I saw Hostess Scary Cakes which are basically Hostess Cup Cakes with Orange frosting instead of the traditional chocolate.

Hostes Scary Cakes, Cupcakes, Halloween Cupcakes, Snack CakesOf course, I had to buy a box of them to try. I took the pictures in low light to give them a spooky feel.

I really like the scarecrow on the box. It really gives it a Halloween feel.

I also like that they are filled with S’Cream filling.

Hostes Scary Cakes, Cupcakes, Halloween Cupcakes, Snack CakesIt is nice that they are individually wrapped as I can easily throw one in my bag and take it to work for an afternoon snack.

Hostes Scary Cakes, Cupcakes, Halloween Cupcakes, Snack CakesIt is interesting to see a chocolate squiggle instead of one with white frosting. Of course the white frosting would not look as good with the orange frosted top.

Hostes Scary Cakes, Cupcakes, Halloween Cupcakes, Snack CakesHere is a good look at the S’Cream filling. No change from a regular Cup Cake, just a nice marketing phrase. However, I am wondering how it would taste with the Orange S’Cream filling from the Halloween Twinkies.

I like the spooky out of focus scarecrow in this last picture.

Only ten days till Halloween, do you have your Costume yet?



A Wedding in the Wilderness

Last night I received a phone call from my brother letting me know that I had a new sister. My brother Gary and his fiancée Karen got married this weekend.

Richland Creek Wilderness Area, Arkansas, Scenic SpotsThey were married in what is considered by many to be one of the most scenic areas of the country, the Richland Creek Wilderness Area in Northwest Arkansas.

Falling Beauty Waterfall, Richland Creek Wilderness Area, Arkansas, Scenic WaterfallHere is Falling Beauty Waterfall, which is near where they parked. I have seen pictures of this waterfall with a much higher volume of water and it is very beautiful. I also think that it is beautiful the way it is here in this picture.

Karen told me that they had to hike for two miles to get to where they held the ceremony. It took them two hours to get there as it was over very treacherous  terrain.

Richland Creek Wilderness Area, Arkansas, Scenic Beauty, ReflectionsFrom the pictures that my brother posted on Facebook, I can see why this is considered to be one of the most scenic areas. I really liked this picture with the patch along the creek and the trees reflected in the water.

Thanks for letting me share them.

Wedding in the Wilderness, Wedding Cake, Small Wedding Cake, Richland Creek WildernessHere is their beautiful little wedding cake. No big wedding cake for them as they had to carry everything with them through the woods. Plus, they had a very, very small wedding party.

Wedding bouquet, Wilderness Wedding, Scenic WeddingHere is the bouquet. You will see it in a few more pictures, so here is a nice close look at it. I really like the roses in the bouquet.

Richland Creek Wilderness Area, Arkansas, Scenic Wedding, HikingHere are Karen and Gary picking their way along a cliff. You can see that the terrain is not the easiest to traverse. Karen had a very long aisle to walk down with her bouquet.

Richland Creek Wilderness Area, Fall Colors, Scenic CreekI can just imagine how beautiful the hike must have been. I can imagine the smells of the forest and river and the sounds of the birds and rustling leaves along with the water flowing over the rocks.

In the bottom corner of this picture you can see the bouquet making another appearance.

Twin Falls at Devil's Fork, Richland Creek Wilderness Area, Arkansa, Long Devil's Fork, Big Devil's ForkThey finally reached their destination.

Twin Falls at Devil’s Fork is definitely a scenic location. The falls come from two creeks that join together here in this pool.

Twin Falls, Devil's Fork, Scenic Wedding, WaterfallsWhat a beautiful spot for their wedding ceremony.

I can imagine the peaceful sounds of nature that are only broken by the words of the ceremony.

Scenic wedding, Richland Creek Wilderness, Twin FallsNow for one final picture. Here is the happy couple holding a Just Married sign.

My brother is a geocacher, disc golf fanatic, bike rider and spelunker so I am not surprised at their choice for a wedding location. I should have him write some guest posts about some of his wanderings.

Of course, the fun was not over. They then had to make the two mile trek back through the woods to where they parked.

Congratulations to Gary and Karen!



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