Eclipse Practice

Hopefully the clouds will stay away this evening so that I will be able to take a picture of the eclipse.

I decided to go out and take a few practice shots.

Pre-Eclipse Full Moon - April Full Moon - Blood Moon PrequelNot too bad for my little camera.

Mars - Night Sky Shot - Planet Mars - Red PlanetMy picture of Mars did not turn out as well. I could see it up above the moon, so decided to try and capture it as well. This was the best shot of several that I tried.

Half Moon - April - Daylight Moon Shot - Moon DetailLast Monday when I got home after my First 787 Flight I took a shot of the half moon. Since it was daylight the picture came out a bit better.

Hopefully I will get a few nice shots of the Blood Red Moon.

I am having memories of watching an eclipse when we were kids.

Now to wait for the eclipse. At least I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night. The eclipse is just after Midnight here.

While you are waiting you can check out some other pictures that I took of the Night Sky.


Bees + Blossoms =

What do bees plus blossoms equal?

There are multiple answers for this question.

Honey Comb - Flowing with Milk and Honey - Tiberias - BreakfastOne obvious answer is honey. I used the picture above in my post: Flowing with Honey

Honey Bee - Fruit Tree - Blossoms - Orange Tree - Bees and BlossomsI took this picture of a bee this afternoon. I really like the fuzzy look of the bee and the leaf.

So what are other answers to the equation above?

Bees and Blossoms - Orange - Fruit Tree - Honey - BlossomsBees plus blossoms equal fruit.

In the picture above you can see all three. You may have to look closely for the bee as it is busy pollinating one of the orange blossoms.

Peach Tree - Immature Peaches - Peaches growing - peach fuz - OrchardIf you look back at my post, Cloudy Day, you will see a picture of this peach tree full of beautiful blossoms. Now the tree is full of peaches that are starting to form. I love the fuzzy look that they have.

Apricot Tree - Apricot Orchard - Apricots growing - Bees plus blossoms equal fruitIn my Cloudy Day post I also have pictures of apricot blossoms. I again stepped across the road to take pictures of the fruit that is starting to grow.

Apricot Tree - Apricot Orchard - Apricots growing - Bees plus blossoms equal fruitHere is another picture of the apricots as they are starting to grow. Soon they will ripen and turn a beautiful apricot color.

I am looking forward to the Apricot Fiesta this year.

Here are some of the ways that the equation can be answered.

Bees + Blossoms = Honey

Bees + Blossoms = Pollination

Bees + Blossoms = Fruit

Bees + Blossoms = Nuts

I hope that you enjoyed the Fruit answer.

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