Flowers at the Zoo II

Yesterday I shared pictures of the Toronto Zoo Giant Pandas, so thought I would go in a little different direction tonight.

When I visited the Toronto Zoo two years ago I wrote a post titled Flowers at the Zoo.

One of the things that I like about going to a zoo is that they usually have some nice flowers as well. They can be of two types. Flowers planted for landscaping throughout the zoo, or flowers that are part of a biome.

Tonight the pictures will be of flowers used for landscaping.

I have had a very busy day, so will keep the commentary to a minimum as I am really tired. You probably don’t want to read too much of my tired ramblings :-)

Purple flowers, tiny flowers, Flowers at the zoo, Toronto ZooI really love these beautiful little blooms. They are so delicate, yet have a beautiful color.Landscaping at the Zoo, Flowers at the Zoo, Pink and White Flowers, Toronto ZooThis was an interesting picture as it has one pink flower in the middle of a bunch of white flowers. This is a closeup of the group of flowers. The entire grouping was about 95% white with just a little pink for contrast.

Toronto Zoo, Flowers at the Zoo, Purple Flowers, Indian Rhino pavillionI also really liked this massive flowerbed full of purple flowers that was in front of the Indian Rhinoceros Pavillion.

Purple Flowers, Flowers at the Zoo, Toronto Zoo, Indian Rhinoceros Pavillion, Bee on FlowerI decided to take a closer look at the flowers in the flowerbed. The flowers were really pretty close up as well, and I even caught a little bee that was busily at work collecting nectar.

Flower Grouping, Flowers at the zoo, Yellow flowers, Different colored flowers, Toronto ZooThis is one of my favorite groupings of flowers at the zoo. You have the beautiful yellow black-eyed Susan flowers in the foreground and you can barely see the spherical purple blooms in the background. An interesting contrast between two types of flowers.

I hope that you enjoyed these flowers from my day at the zoo.


Toronto Zoo Giant Pandas

Today we went to the Toronto Zoo.

I really enjoyed visiting the Toronto Zoo two years ago so it was on the list of places to visit on this trip.

Toronto Zoo, Pandas, Toronto, ZooTwo years ago I saw this sign and knew that I would have to come back and see the Giant Pandas someday.

Toronto Zoo, Giant Panda, Giant Pandas, TorontoAs we entered the zoo, I immediately started seeing signs pointing the way to the Giant Panda Experience centre.

I could have just posted the sign by itself, but this picture is a good example of the zoo grounds. There are lots of flowers around and also many picnic areas. Most of the zoo is also filled with wooded areas. I love the beautiful surroundings at this zoo.

Er Shun, Giant Panda, Toronto Zoo, Giant Panda Experience, ChinaThere are two Giant Pandas at the Toronto Zoo. I was only able to get pictures of the female, Er Shun. The crowds around the male were too large, so we bypassed them to see Er Shun.

Er Shun, which means Double Smooth, was born in China.

The two Giant Pandas are on a 10 year loan to Canada and will spend five years in Toronto and five years in Calgary.

Giant Panda, Toronto Zoo, Er ShunHere is a picture of Er Shun. There is a possibility that she may be pregnant, and if so it will be a major milestone for the zoo. Due to the unique physiology of the Giant Panda, it is not possible to know for sure if they are pregnant until about 20 days before giving birth.

Giant Panda, Bamboo, Er Shun, Toronto ZooHere Er Shun is having a meal of bamboo. The Giant Panda eats a very large amount of bamboo each day. Can you imagine eating more than 30 pounds of food in a day?

Giant Panda, Bamboo, Er Shun, Toronto ZooHere she is eating even more bamboo. She looks so relaxed sitting there eating the bamboo.

I hope that you enjoyed this quick look at the Giant Pandas at the Toronto Zoo.

I took a lot of pictures today, so look for more zoo pictures in the near future.